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Dianne Jenkins

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Di Jenkins & Willy the wonder horse

Dianne Jenkins

International Equine Performance Therapist

Dianne Jenkins is a passionate and highly successful equine performance specialist. She can achieve outstanding and sustainable results due to the incredible amount of training she has undertaken and experience derived from professionally working on over ten thousand horses. She also draws on more than 40 years of experience as a breeder, trainer, competitor, judge and nationally accredited instructor.

Her life’s journey has led to the discovery of several key areas of the equine body that incur and accumulate seemingly minor injuries which incrementally cause low grade chronic pain and restricted movement. Horses react to this with various changes of behaviour, gradually deteriorating form and posture, and maladaptive changes to muscular symmetry.  These in turn create unevenness and joint tension that leads to a decline in performance and often lameness and early retirement.

In response, Dianne developed a unique therapeutic approach named JENT (Jenkins Equine Neurophysiologic Therapy).

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