So what is JENT?

JENT is a whole of horse program.

Jenkins Equine Neurophysiologic Therapy (JENT) is a unique bodywork therapy system based on extensive research and data collected from several thousand case studies. 

Whereas veterinarians treat major trauma and illness, JENT works in the ‘grey’ area - identifying areas of low grade discomfort and pain that over time may present as subclinical lameness, changes in temperament, or problems with behaviour and training.  All issues that reduce performance ability and affect the joy, wellbeing and freedom of movement of our horses.

JENT Mission Statement

To identify early signs of pain in the horse before lameness and pathology are present.

To restore fluidity of movement through release of myofascia and soft tissue to enable horses to work without pain, stress and anxiety.

To always consider the holistic horse, its mental and emotional health, environment and human relationships.

To share knowledge and skills with horse owners and therapists to increase communication and give relief to horses.

What does the research show?

JENT research indicates that 90% of unevenness of gait can be attributed to pain caused by predictable myofascial dysfunction and the secondary issues arising out of this. JENT identifies these patterns as the primary cause of reduced posture, movement and behavioural / emotional disquiet;

chronic low grade pain causes anxiety

anxiety leads to muscle tension

chronic muscle tension leads to performance deficit resulting in lameness.

Experience has shown us that every uneven horse is ultimately destined to break down.

Learn about the Technologies behind JENT

A guide to the technologies we use to diagnose and treat, as part of the JENT Bodywork program

How can JENT help your horse?

Keeping horses pain free allows them to develop physically, mentally and emotionally. JENT is a whole of horse program. Each horse is progressively assessed and treated according to its individual skeletal conformation, breed characteristics and musculature. The JENT program progressively addresses and can assist all aspects of horse health and function including ‘under saddle’ issues. JENT Practitioners are trained to identify when paddocking / stabling, diet, dentition, hoof balance, horse care, saddle fit, riding style or the training program are impacting on a horse’s performance and soundness.  Addressing these factors allows the horse to receive the full benefit of the JENT program.