Our JENT Bodyworkers

All our JENT Bodyworkers have extensive horsemanship experience and work with the complete horse and rider to attain optimum movement, balance, biomechanics and performance.   They are clinically & comprehensively trained in several science based modalities including Red Light Therapy, Saddle fitting, Gait analysis and JENT Fascial release.

We utilise JENT Reflex Tests, Gait Analysis, Joint Range of Motion and Palpation to locate physical issues that accumulate in all horses.  We also identify hoof balance and dental health issues, and can assist with conditions such as digestive disorders, hoof abscesses and joint pain.  

Using JENT Red Light Therapy & Myofascial Release, JENT Bodyworkers progressively address any current pain issues and chronic layers of fascial restriction. 

Our JENT network ensures you have choices – some of our JENT Bodyworkers will travel if you can get a group together.  Speak with our JENT office if you wish to discuss options in your area.

Find a Qualified JENT Bodyworker

Red Light Therapists

Red Light Therapists are trained in the modality of Red Light Therapy.  All JENT Bodyworkers are Red Light Therapists, but all Red Light Therapists are not necessarily JENT Bodyworkers.