The JENT Institute

Here at the JENT Institute we provide training and education on all levels.  

Are you interested in undertaking official training to become an accredited JENT Bodyworker?

Do you work in a specialist equine field and just wish to find out more on the science of JENT?

Are you a horse owner who seeks to improve the partnership with your equine friend?

Whatever your interest the JENT Institute can help you gain further knowledge.

Looking for Information or Skills?

The JENT Institute provides regular training
 and education for horse owners and therapists.

JENT Bodyworkers

We train JENT Bodyworkers all over the world!  There are plenty of horses that can benefit from JENT Bodywork and we need therapists in all areas!  If you have a passion for working with horses and feel drawn to an ethical profession that will bring comfort and longevity to horses then enquire about our JENT Bodyworker Training at the JENT Institute.

Horse Owners

We offer one day Horse Owner courses at a choice of locations – even your own stable.  We require an enclosed area for desktop sessions, bathroom facilities and refreshments.  A shed or stable is suitable if you do not have an undercover arena or round yard.

Courses run for:

Red Light Therapy


Saddle fit assessment

Hoofcare and balance

Get a group of friends or agisters together and enquire with our JENT Office to arrange your Horse Owners course at a time to suit.

Many horse owners discover a deep passion for JENT bodywork and decide to undertake further training as a professional JENT bodyworker.

The JENT Institute TEAM

Dianne Jenkins

Dianne Jenkins is the founder of JENT and the author of all JENT Institute Training materials.

Her lifelong love and passion for horses led her to seek the meaning behind the too common occurrence of horses becoming stale or losing their appetite for work and oftentimes developing minor gait irregularities or flexion issues.  Changes in temperament and nature were evident also. Horses that should have been reaching their prime were relegated to early retirement...

Di knew there had to be more to it and so began a mission to find the answers.  This mission evolved into 13 years of research and discovery ending with what we know today as JENT.

Sam Brentnall

Sam Brentnall, Dianne’s partner, is the JENT INSTITUTE Director of Education.

Sam is a Neuroeducator and retired Executive Teacher.  He brings his teaching specialities of:

  • Science;
  • Physical Education; 
  • Health and Personal Development; and Neuroeducation (Brain Based Learning) 

to work in alignment with Dianne in providing courses of the highest practical and theoretical standards.

Sam has oversight and curriculum design responsibilities for all education and training packages. He was originally trained as an acupuncturist in a traditional Master-Student process; then became a Somatic Reflexologist and is an avid combat Yang Tai-Chi practitioner. Combined with his teaching and counseling credentials Sam brings a unique range of complementary physical therapy skills into the JENT INSTITUTE.