Redlight Therapy

Red Light Therapy is one modality used by JENT bodyworkers, however it can be used entirely on its own for great benefit of the horse.

JENT Red Light Therapists trained by the JENT Institute can be found in the directory below.

Want to know more? 

JENT incorporates the use of 3 types of near-infrared red lights at different intensities as integral elements of the systems’ overall effectiveness; they are:

  • Photonic SLED Red Lights
  • The QUANTUM WARP 10 SS-LED Phototherapy unit
  • The Erchonia PL5000 class II Low Level Light ‘Cold’ Laser

Designed to stimulate acupoints, which are just on and under the epidermal layer of the skin and have been called ‘subcutaneous photo receptors’ by Veterinarian Dr Brian McLaren, unarguably the world’s top authority on Photonic Red Light Acupoint therapy.

When Photonic Red light is placed on known acupoints (acupuncture / acupressure points) for just a few seconds, it excites nerve arousal through the intraneural collagen matrix of the body and stimulates the brain to release neurotransmitters and neuromodulators in response. Red light thus becomes a medium with which we can activate the acupuncture points of Treatment Plans as available in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) studies. Photonic Red Light effectively provides an excellent alternative to needling, negating any requirement to penetrate the skin to produce the result. This approach is fast, easy, safe, non-penetrative or intrusive.